Personal ComputerVAIO Tap 11SVT1121

Parts and Controls of the Keyboard

Describes the features of the keyboard, such as keys, buttons and indicator lights.

  1. Caps Lock key

  2. Esc key

  3. Function keys (Combinations and Functions with the Fn Key)

  4. Caps lock indicator

  5. Battery indicator for Keyboard (Charging the Keyboard)

  6. Power and touch pad on/off switch for Keyboard (Using the Wireless Keyboard)

  7. Charge port for Keyboard (on Keyboard) (Charging the Keyboard)

  8. Delete key

  9. Backspace key

  10. Insert key

  11. Pause / Break key

  12. Prt Sc key

  13. Shift key

  14. Ctrl key

  15. Charge indicator for Keyboard (Charging the Keyboard)

  16. Fn key (Combinations and Functions with the Fn Key)

  17. (Windows) key (About the Start Screen and Menu)

  18. Alt key

  19. Touch pad (Using the Touch Pad)

  20. Space key

  21. Applications key

  22. Directional arrow keys


  • The keyboard has magnets to couple with your VAIO computer. Do not place credit cards, etc., which are affected by magnetism, near the computer, especially the areas in front or back of the keyboard. Doing so may cause data corruption.


  • There is a raised dot on the F and J keys.

  • After a while of idle time, the keyboard enters the power saving mode and theCaps lock indicator light turns off.

  • For details on the keyboard shortcut keys, see Opening Windows Help and Support.