Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-AZ1/RM-LVR2V

GPS and Wi-Fi Function in Distribution

GPS function

GPS recording of the camera is not available during live video distribution.

And monitoring via a smartphone or the remote control is not supported during live video distribution.

Wi-Fi function

  • Use the camera and the remote control in accordance with the regulations of the area of use.
  • You cannot use the Wi-Fi function of the camera and the remote control underwater.

Security in the use of wireless LAN devices

  • To avoid hacking, access by malicious third parties, and other vulnerabilities, confirm that the wireless LAN is always secure.
  • It is very important to set up security on a wireless LAN.
  • If a problem occurs due to inadequate security measures or due to foreseeable circumstances, Sony Corporation is not responsible for any resulting damage.