Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-AZ1/RM-LVR2V

Live Streaming

Live stream movies via video sharing websites such as USTREAM by using a Wi-Fi router or smartphone that can tether the camera.

You can send* distribution start messages to previously set SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) when starting the live distribution of movies.

* User registration for live distribution websites or SNS is required.

1 Wi-Fi

2 3G/LTE

3 Tethering Mode


5 Audience

6 Comments from audience

The following preparations are required for the live streaming.

Set the following distribution settings in the live streaming settings of the camera:

  • User registration for USTREAM
  • Smartphones (tethering) with cameras for Wi-Fi network connection or Wi-Fi network environments

* For more information about smartphone tethering settings or Wi-Fi network settings, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the smartphone or network service. For further details about the network environment, contact your network service provider.