Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-AZ1/RM-LVR2V

Preparing for Live Streaming

Complete the network settings via a dedicated application “Network setting tool”, the account registration for video distribution sites and SNS settings in advance.

Download “Network setting tool” from the following website.

1. Enter information for USTREAM account and "Network setting tool"

2. USB

3. “Network setting tool”

4. OAuth authentication

Obtain Channel ID

Reset the network setting tool

Set the distribution settings below in the live streaming settings of the camera.

  • Network settings

    You can set Wi-Fi network settings to which the camera is connected.

    • Network SSID, password, security method
  • Streaming settings

    You can set the movie distribution method.

    • Destinations, channels, image quality, saving settings at destinations
    • Titles and descriptions
  • SNS settings

    You can post comments when the movie distribution starts in coordination with social network.

    • Connection settings for Twitter, Facebook
    • Comments to be posted


USTREAM is an online video sharing site where you can distribute and view movies with the live streaming function of the camera.

For details, visit the USTREAM website below.


  • Your personal information (required for the login for USTREAM, Twitter and Facebook) is to be set in the camera. Be sure to reset the settings of the camera by pressing the RESET (Reset) button in boot state when transferring to third parties or disposing of the camera. Be sure to reset the settings by pressing the RESET (Reset) button of the camera in boot state.