Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-AZ1/RM-LVR2V

Checking the ID/Password

Check the ID/password used to connect the camera to your smartphone.

  • Check the password on the sticker (SSID label) attached to the back side of the battery pack cover.
  • The ID/password is not necessary for one-touch connect by a smartphone.

    1. SSID label

If the sticker is peeled off or becomes difficult to be read, you can recall your user ID and password by the following procedure.

  1. Insert a charged battery pack into the camera
  2. Connect the camera to a computer with the micro USB cable (supplied)
  3. Press the ON/OFF button of the camera to turn on the power
  4. Display [Computer] > [PMHOME] > [INFO] > [WIFI_INF.TXT] on your computer, then confirm the user ID and password