Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder/Digital HD Video Camera RecorderFDR-X1000V/HDR-AS200V

Connecting a single camera to Live-View Remote (Single connection)

  1. Turn on the Live-View Remote.

    For details, refer to “Connecting this unit to a single camera via Wi-Fi” in the Help Guide of the Live-View Remote (RM-LVR2).

  2. Set the connection mode of the camera.

    Press the NEXT button or PREV button to select [SETUP] - [CONFG] - [Wi-Fi] - [ON], then press the ENTER button.

  3. Select the SSID that is printed on the sticker attached to Startup Guide.
  4. When this camera beeps and [ACPT?] is displayed on the display panel of this camera, press the ENTER button of this camera.


  • When [BEEP] is set to [OFF], the connection beep does not sound.