Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder/Digital HD Video Camera RecorderFDR-X1000V/HDR-AS200V

How to use

Read This First

Identifying the parts

Screen display

Getting Started

Checking the bundled items

Inserting the battery pack

Charging the battery pack

Inserting a memory card

Using the Tripod Adaptor

Using the Waterproof Case

Using Adhesive Mount


Shooting movies and still images

Changing the Settings

List of setting items

Shooting settings

Camera settings


Viewing images on a TV

Deleting images

Create your movie

Highlight Movie Maker

Stream real-time movie to a movie streaming site

Live Streaming with your camera (Real time movie streaming)

Using the camera connected to other devices via Wi-Fi

Connecting to your smartphone

Connecting to the Live-View Remote

Connecting to Handycam

Editing images imported to your computer

Using the Action Cam Movie Creator


Recordable time

Battery pack

Using the camera abroad




Notes on License