Digital HD Video Camera RecorderHDR-CX450/CX455/CX485/CX625/CX675/PJ675/CX680/PJ680

Using the built-in projector (models with the projector)

You can use a flat surface such as a wall as a screen to view recorded images using the built-in projector.

  1. Face the projector lens towards a surface, such as a wall, and then press PROJECTOR.

  2. Select [Image Shot on This Device] on the LCD monitor.
  3. Select [Project] on the LCD monitor.

    • This screen appears the first time you use the built-in projector after this product is turned on.
  4. Adjust the focus of the projected image using the PROJECTOR FOCUS lever.


    • The projected image is larger when the distance between this product and the reflecting surface increase.
    • It is recommended that you place this product further than 0.5 m (1.6 feet) away (approximate distance) from the surface that the images are to be projected onto.
  5. Use the power zoom lever to move the selection frame that appears on the projection screen, and then press the PHOTO button.

    A: Power zoom lever

    B: PHOTO button

    • For details on playback, see “Playing movies and photos from the Event View screen.”
    • Press PROJECTOR to turn off the projector.