Digital Media PlayerNW-A25/A25HN/A26HN/A27HN

Playing songs using SensMe™ Channels

Play songs to fit your mood, current activity, the time of day, etc., by selecting a particular channel.

  1. From the Home menu, select [SensMe™ Channels].
  2. Press the button () to select the desired channel.


  • Depending on the analysis, a song may be selected by several channels or not selected at all. However, all songs can be played using the [Shuffle All] channel.
  • The result of the analysis may vary every time you perform [Updating Channels].
  • To listen to [Morning], [Daytime], [Evening], [Night] or [Midnight] according to the timetable, [Set Date-Time] needs to be set. If [Set Date-Time] is not set, [Morning] will be selected.
  • If you use the [SensMe™ Channels] function or change channels, the songs are played from the most melodic and rhythmical section.
    If you analyze songs on your Walkman, the songs are played back from approximately 45 seconds into the songs, as the songs do not have information about the most melodic and rhythmical section. Also, if a song is shorter than 90 seconds, playback starts roughly from the middle of the song.
  • Songs are played in random order. Each time you select a channel, the order of playback will vary.
  • If there are no songs for [Morning], [Daytime], [Evening], [Night] or [Midnight], all songs will be played in random order in those channels.


  • Depending on the file format, certain songs cannot be analyzed by 12 TONE ANALYSIS of Media Go. For these files, perform [Updating Channels] from the option menu.
  • You cannot play podcast episodes using [SensMe™ Channels].
  • Channels that do not contain any songs are not displayed in the list.
  • When playing a time-based channel, the channel will not shift to the next time-based channel even if the set time has passed. To listen to the next time-based channel, change to another channel and go back.