Digital Media PlayerNW-A25/A25HN/A26HN/A27HN

The noise canceling function is not effective.

  • Make sure the noise canceling function is enabled.

  • The noise canceling function is available only with noise canceling headphones. The noise canceling headphones that are compatible with this product are MDR-NW750N/MDR-NW750NE.

  • Make sure the headphones you use are selected in the [Select Headphones] setting.
  • Make sure the headphones fit your ears snugly by means such as changing the size of the earbuds or adjusting the earbud position. If you change the size of earbuds, attach them firmly on the headphones to prevent them from detaching and remaining in your ears.

  • The noise canceling function is not adjusted appropriately. Your Walkman is preset to maximize the effect of noise canceling. However, you may attain more effectiveness by raising or lowering the sensitivity of the microphone built in to the supplied headphones. See "Adjusting noise canceling."

  • The noise canceling effect may not be noticeable in a quiet place or with some types of ambient noise.

  • The type of environment set in [Select NC Environment] may not be suitable for the surrounding environment. Set [Select NC Environment] according to the surrounding environment.