Digital Media PlayerNW-A25/A25HN/A26HN/A27HN

Content such as music cannot be transferred from the computer to your Walkman.

  • Check that the USB connection to the computer is made properly.
  • Use the supplied USB cable.
  • You may not be able to transfer content when using a USB hub. Connect directly to the USB connector on your computer.
  • The version of the installed Media Go may not be the latest. Install the latest version via the Internet.
  • To transfer content to a microSD card inserted in your Walkman, set the destination for transferring content to the microSD card by following the instructions shown on the display of your Walkman.
  • There is not enough free space in your Walkman, or the number of files has exceeded the maximum number of transferable files. Delete any unnecessary content to increase free space. For details on the number of files recordable, see the following.
    • “Maximum recordable number of songs and time (Approx.)”
    • “Maximum recordable time of videos (Approx.)”
  • Songs with a limited playing period or playing count may not be transferred due to restrictions set by copyright holders. For details on the settings of each audio file, contact the distributor.
  • Some of the content on your Walkman may be damaged. Copy the content that you need onto the computer and initialize (format) the Walkman.
  • If the software is not compatible with your Walkman, install compatible software and use the compatible software to transfer content.
  • You may be attempting to transfer corrupted content. Delete the content that cannot be transferred from the computer, and import this content to the computer again. Do not perform any other tasks on the computer when transferring content to your computer. Doing so may cause the content to be corrupted.
  • You may be attempting to transfer a file that is not in playable format. See “Supported formats.”
  • Transferring may be stopped due to noise such as static electricity accumulated in the computer. This happens to protect data. Disconnect your Walkman, and then reconnect it.