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Disconnecting a Bluetooth audio device

Disconnect the connection between your Walkman and a Bluetooth audio device.

  1. From the Home menu, select [Bluetooth].
  2. Select [Disconnect Audio Device].


  • If the Bluetooth audio device you want to connect with has an NFC function, disconnection can be done with one touch.


  • The Bluetooth connection is disconnected automatically in the following cases:
    • The remaining battery power of your Walkman is low.
    • The battery of your Walkman has run out.
    • Your Walkman is connected to a computer via USB.
  • When you end the Bluetooth connection using the Bluetooth audio device, your Walkman enters the connection standby mode. If you do not make another Bluetooth connection within 5 minutes after this, the Bluetooth function of the Walkman turns off automatically.
  • A Bluetooth connection is held for 24 hours even if no content is played during that time. However, the length of the time may be shorter depending on the Bluetooth audio device.