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Steps to use Bluetooth connection

To listen to sound from Bluetooth audio devices on your Walkman, the following steps are required.

  1. Pair your Walkman and a Bluetooth audio device.

  2. Establish a Bluetooth connection between your Walkman and the Bluetooth audio device.

  3. Play sound on your Walkman.


  • Your Walkman may not be connected depending on the profile of the Bluetooth audio device.
  • Your Walkman can send information such as the song titles, the settings of the Walkman or the battery status to certain Bluetooth audio devices.
  • You can wirelessly control the volume of certain Bluetooth audio devices using the VOL button of your Walkman.
  • You can select whether or not to apply the following sound effects when you send content from your Walkman to a Bluetooth audio device.
    • [ClearAudio+]
    • [Equalizer]
    • [VPT (Surround)]
    • [Dynamic Normalizer]