Digital Music PlayerNWZ-B183/B183F


Below is important information for using your Walkman. Be sure to follow these instructions.

  • Be sure not to short-circuit the terminals of your Walkman with metallic objects.
  • Do not spill water on your Walkman or allow any foreign object to enter it. This may cause fire or electric shock.

    If this occurs, turn off the Walkman immediately, disconnect the Walkman from your computer, and consult your nearest Sony dealer or Sony Service Center.

  • Do not place your Walkman in fire.
  • Do not take apart or remodel your Walkman. Doing so can result in electric shock. Consult your nearest Sony dealer or Sony Service Center for exchange of rechargeable batteries, internal checks or repair.
  • Do not put any heavy object on top of your Walkman or apply a strong shock to it.

    This may cause malfunction or damage.