Digital Music PlayerNWZ-B183/B183F

Making FM radio recordings

You can record FM radio programs on your Walkman. (NWZ-B183F only)

  1. From the Home menu, select [FM Radio].
  2. Press the button to select [Manual Tune] or [Preset], and then press the button.
    FM radio screen is displayed.
  3. Press the button to select the desired frequency or preset number.
  4. Press the button, and then the button to select [Record]. Confirm by pressing the button.

    Your Walkman enters recording standby mode.

  5. Press the button.

    Recording starts.

    To pause recording, press the button. Press it again to resume recording.

  6. Press the button to stop recording.
    The recording is saved as a file named [FRnnnn] (*1) in the “RECORD” - “FM” folder on your Walkman.

(*1) File names are automatically assigned from [FR0001] to [FR9999].


  • Recording in areas where the reception is poor may result in noise occurring in the recording. Record in areas where the reception is strong.
  • The programs and sound files recorded with your Walkman can be played back on the Walkman or on a computer.


  • The programs are recorded in monaural sound.
  • If you rename files of the “RECORD” folder on your computer, or put files which have been imported to your computer back into the “RECORD” folder, you may not be able to play them on your Walkman.