Digital Music PlayerNWZ-B183/B183F

Notes on charging the battery

  • Charging time differs depending on battery usage conditions.
  • If the battery life is reduced to about half of its normal life even if sufficiently charged, it has probably worn out. Please contact your nearest Sony dealer.
  • If you charge your Walkman when it has not been used for a long period of time, your computer may not recognize it, or the Walkman may not respond. Charge the Walkman for about 10 minutes, after which it should start operating normally again.
  • When is displayed on the screen, the ambient temperature exceeds the recommended range and charging is forcibly stopped. Charge the battery in an ambient temperature of between 5 °C to 35 °C.
  • The number of times the battery can be recharged from complete discharge is approximately 500 times. This number may vary depending on the conditions under which you use your Walkman.
  • Charge the battery at least once every six months to a year even if you do not use your Walkman for a long period of time.
  • Charging is not guaranteed with homebuilt or modified computers.
  • Operation with a USB port extended with a USB hub is only guaranteed when a self-powered USB hub that carries an authorized logo is used.
  • Do not leave your Walkman connected for an extended period of time to a laptop computer that is not connected to an AC power supply. Doing so may discharge the computer’s battery.
  • Do not turn on, restart, wake up from sleep mode, or shut down the computer with your Walkman connected to the computer via USB. Doing so may cause the Walkman to malfunction. Disconnect the Walkman from the computer before conducting these operations.
  • Your Walkman may become hot while charging. This is not a malfunction.
  • You cannot operate your Walkman when it is connected to a computer.
  • You cannot operate your Walkman while charging the battery.
  • The battery indicator scales are not equal. Refer the battery indicator as a guide.
  • [Do not disconnect] is displayed when transferring data between your Walkman and the computer. Do not disconnect the Walkman from your computer when [Do not disconnect] is displayed. Doing so may result in loss of the data being transferred and data on the Walkman.