Digital Still Camera DSC-RX100M3

About Scene Recognition

Scene Recognition operates in [Intelligent Auto] mode and [Superior Auto] mode.

This function allows the product to automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot the image.

Scene Recognition:

If the product recognizes a scene, icons and guides such as (Portrait), (Infant), (Night Portrait), (Night Scene), (Backlight Portrait), (Backlight), (Landscape), (Macro), (Spotlight), or (Low Light) are displayed on the first line.

If the product recognizes a condition, icons such as (Tripod) , (Walk)* , (Move), (Move (Bright)) or (Move (Dark)) are displayed on the second line.

*The condition (Walk) is recognized only when [SteadyShot] is set to [Active] or [Intelligent Active].


  • When [Smile/Face Detect.] is set to [Off], the [Portrait], [Backlight Portrait], [Night Portrait], and [Infant] scenes are not recognized.