Digital Still Camera DSC-HX80

Adjusting the viewfinder (diopter-adjustment)

Adjust the diopter scale to your eyesight until the display appears clearly in the viewfinder.

  1. Slide the Viewfinder pop-up switch (A) down to raise the viewfinder.

    • If you slide the Viewfinder pop-up switch when the camera is off, the camera will turn on.
    • If you stow the viewfinder inside the camera, the camera will turn off.
  2. Grasp both sides of the eyepiece (B) and pull it towards the monitor side until it clicks.

  3. Slide the diopter-adjustment lever.


To store the viewfinder

Grasp both sides of the eyepiece and push it into the viewfinder until it clicks. Then push down the viewfinder.


  • Be careful not to push down on the viewfinder when it is being raised.
  • Be sure that the eyepiece is stored in the viewfinder unit before attempting to push down the viewfinder. If it is not stored and you try to force the viewfinder down, a malfunction may result.
  • Do not carry the camera by the viewfinder.