Before first use

Thank you for purchasing this Walkman.

This Help guide explains how to operate your Walkman. Browse this Help guide for necessary information.
Before you start using your Walkman, be sure to read “Important product information” [Details] for details on the use of the Walkman.
The printed manuals supplied with your Walkman, such as “Quick Start Guide,” also contain important information for you.
For information about the customer support Web site, see “Customer support websites.” [Details]

About model names mentioned in this Help guide

Depending on the country/region in which you have purchased your Walkman, some models may not be available.

About Windows operating system

For details about the operating system, see “System requirements.” [Details]

About battery charging

The battery might not be charged at time of purchase. See “Charging the battery” [Details] on how to charge the battery.