Parts and controls

Functions of buttons, jacks, and other parts on your Walkman are explained here.
  1. (Menu) button [Details]

  1. (Home) button [Details]

  1. (Back) button [Details]

  1. Headphone jack

Insert the headphone plug until it clicks into place. If the headphones are connected improperly, the sound from the headphones will be impaired.
Change the headphones setting if you use headphones other than the supplied ones. [Details]
  1. WM-PORT jack

Connect the USB cable (supplied) or other accessories that support WM-PORT (not supplied).
  1. Speaker [Details]

  1. Strap hole

This is used to attach a strap (not supplied).
  1. Built-in microphone

  1. Built-in antenna

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS antennas are built-in.
  1. Screen (touch screen) [Details]

Touch (tap) icons, items, control buttons, etc., on the screen to operate your Walkman.
  1. VOL (Volume) +/- button

There is a tactile dot on the + button. Use it to help with button operations.
  1. (Double-u Dot) button [Details]

This is used to display the W.control, on which you can control music playback directly.
  1. RESET button [Details]

Press the RESET button with a small pin, etc., to reset your Walkman.
  1. (Power) button [Details]

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