About the location information

The location information function finds your current position using GPS (*1) or a wireless network (Wi-Fi).
Using GPS allows you to find your position accurately, even if the process does take some time. Using a wireless network allows you to find your position quickly, but accuracy may vary.
Using GPS and a wireless network together allows you to make the most of the merits of both methods.
(*1) GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS satellites emit positioning signals toward the earth, and your Walkman uses those to display your current position.

Notes on the GPS function

  • Move your Walkman as little as possible in an area where there are no tall buildings and trees around until the current location is displayed by the GPS function. The current location can be displayed quicker when stationary than while moving. If the current location is not displayed or if the wrong location is displayed, check the following notes as well.

  • When other electronic devices are near your Walkman, electromagnetic waves or magnetic interference from those may prevent the Walkman from providing accurate location information. Keep electronic devices away from the Walkman.

  • When in an area with poor reception of GPS signals, you may encounter positioning errors. To receive more accurate information, avoid using your Walkman in the following locations.

  • Inside buildings and in vehicles such as cars and trains

  • In tunnels or underground

  • Under elevated tracks

  • Between tall buildings

  • In dense trees

  • In valleys

  • In case the wrong location is displayed, turn off the wireless network once. See if the location information improves before turning on the wireless network again.

  • The GPS antenna is built in to your Walkman. If you cover the antenna with your hands or other objects while using the GPS function, the positioning accuracy may deteriorate.

  1. Built-in antenna