Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

The advantages of automatic shooting

In [Superior Auto] mode, the product shoots with higher quality than [Intelligent Auto] mode and performs composite shooting as necessary.
In [Program Auto] mode, you can shoot after adjusting various functions, such as white balance, ISO, etc.

(Intelligent Auto):
Select this mode when you want the camera automatically recognize the scene.

(Superior Auto):
Select this mode to shoot scenes under difficult circumstances, such as when it is dark or the subjects are back-lit. Select this mode to shoot a higher quality image than that provided by (Intelligent Auto).

P (Program Auto):
Select this mode to shoot with various functions other than the exposure (shutter speed and aperture) adjusted.


  • In [Intelligent Auto] mode, you may not be able to shoot dark scenes or back-lit subjects clearly.
  • In [Superior Auto] mode, the recording process takes longer, since the product creates a composite image.