Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor

If you use the LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor (sold separately), the following functions are available.

Full size shooting:
Not available

Available with SAM/SSM lens only*

AF system:
Contrast AF

AF/MF Select:
Can be changed using the operating switch on the lens.

Focus Mode:
Single-shot AF

*When an A-mount lens is attached, the autofocus speed will be slower than when an E-mount lens is attached. (Approximately two to seven seconds slower (for shooting based on the Sony measurement conditions). This may vary depending on conditions such as subject and brightness during shooting.)

  • When using a Mount Adaptor, the Auto Focus does not work in movie mode.
  • When using a Mount Adaptor in movie mode, adjust the aperture manually.

Available focus area

When the LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor is mounted, the available focus areas are the same as for the available settings of this camera.