Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7/ILCE-7R

Warning messages

Set Area/Date/Time.

  • Set the area, date and time. If you have not used the product for a long time, charge the internal rechargeable backup battery.

Unable to use memory card. Format?

  • The memory card was formatted on a computer and the file format was modified. Select [Enter], and then format the memory card. You can use the memory card again, however, all previous data in the memory card is erased. It may take some time to complete the format. If the message still appears, change the memory card.

Memory Card Error

  • An incompatible memory card is inserted.
  • Formatting has failed. Format the memory card again.

Unable to read memory card. Reinsert memory card.

  • An incompatible memory card is inserted.
  • The memory card is damaged.
  • The terminal section of the memory card is dirty.

This memory card may not be capable of recording and playing normally.

  • An incompatible memory card is inserted.


  • When performing long exposure noise reduction or high ISO noise reduction, the reduction process lasts just as long as the shutter remains open. You cannot do any further shooting during this reduction process.

Unable to display.

  • Images recorded with other products or images modified with a computer may not be displayed.

Cannot recognize lens. Attach it properly.

  • The lens is not attached properly, or the lens is not attached. If the message appears when a lens is attached, reattach the lens. If the message appears frequently, check whether the contacts of the lens and product are clean or not.
  • When attaching the product to an astronomical telescope or something similar, set [Release w/o Lens] to [Enable].
  • The SteadyShot function does not work. You can continue to shoot but the SteadyShot function will not work. Turn the product off and on again. If this icon does not disappear, consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.
  • The retractable lens with power zoom is retracted. Turn off the product and eject the battery pack, then reinsert the battery pack.

Unable to print.

  • You tried to mark RAW images with a DPOF mark.

Internal temp. high. Allow it to cool.

  • The product has become hot because you have been shooting continuously. Turn the power off. Cool the product and wait until the product is ready to shoot again.

  • You have been recording images for a long time, the product temperature has risen. Stop recording images until the product cools.

Recording is unavailable in this movie format.

  • Set [File Format] to [MP4].

  • The number of images exceeds that for which date management in a database file by the product is possible.

  • Unable to register to the database file. Import all the images to a computer and recover the memory card.

Image DataBase File error

  • There is something wrong in the Image Database File. Select [Setup][Recover Image DB].

System Error
Camera Error. Turn power off then on.

  • Remove the battery pack, and then re-insert it. If the message appears frequently, consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

Unable to magnify.
Unable to rotate image.

  • Images recorded with other products may not be enlarged or rotated.