Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-5000

PAL/NTSC Selector

Plays back movies recorded with the product on a PAL/NTSC system TV.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [PAL/NTSC Selector] [Enter]


  • This function is provided with 1080 50i-compatible devices only. It is not provided with 1080 60i-compatible devices. The 1080 50i-compatible devices have a “50i” mark on the bottom of the product.
  • If you insert a memory card that has previously been formatted with the PAL system, a message telling you that you must re-format the card appears. When you record using the NTSC system, re-format the memory card or use another memory card.
  • When the NTSC mode is selected, the “Running on NTSC.” message always appears on the start-up screen each time you turn the product on.