Digital Still CameraDSC-W830

Self-diagnosis display

If a code starting with a letter of the alphabet appears, the self-diagnosis function on the camera is working. The last two digits (indicated by ) will differ depending on the state of the camera.

If you cannot solve the problem even after trying the following corrective actions a few times, the camera may need repair.

Contact your dealer or local authorized service facility.


  • There is trouble with the camera‚Äôs hardware. Turn the power off and on again.


  • The camera cannot read or write data on the memory card. Try turning off and on the camera again, or taking out and inserting the memory card several times.
  • An unformatted memory card is inserted. Format the memory card.
  • The inserted memory card cannot be used with the camera, or the data is damaged. Insert a new memory card.




  • A camera malfunction has occurred. Initialize the camera, then turn the power on again.


  • There is a malfunction when writing or deleting data. Repair is required. Contact your dealer or local authorized service facility. Be prepared to give all numbers in the error code beginning from E.