IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Playing back the recorded sound

  1. Slide the POWER ON/OFF•HOLD switch in the direction of “POWER ON/OFF” to turn on the IC recorder, or towards the center to release the IC recorder from the HOLD status.
    The stop mode window appears.
  2. Select the desired file to be played back.
    If you do not select a file, the file just recorded will be played back.
  3. Press .
    Playback starts.
  4. Press VOL –/+ to adjust the volume.


  • For the customers in Europe only:

    When you try to adjust the volume to a level that exceeds the specified level, the “Check The Volume Level” message appears.

  • The illustrations used in this Help Guide are based on the ICD-SX1000 model. These illustrations may look different from the model you are using, however, the buttons and controls used for operations are the same.


  • Press souni_stopSTOP to stop playback.