IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Selecting a tab

The recordable area and the playback-only area of folders stored on the IC recorder are managed separately, and are displayed with tabs.

  1. Press (folder).
    The folder selection window is displayed.
  2. Press , and then press or to select the , , , or tab.

    Only the tab is displayed when you purchase the IC recorder. The tab and the tab will be displayed when you transfer files from your computer.

    The tab is displayed when a memory card is inserted. When the memory card is selected as the memory to be used, the tab will be displayed.

  3. Press .
    The folders contained in the selected tab are displayed.
  4. Select a folder and a file.


  • The illustrations used in this Help Guide are based on the ICD-SX1000 model. These illustrations may look different from the model you are using, however, the buttons and controls used for operations are the same.