IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Various operations while recording

You can perform the following operations while recording.

To pause recording

Press souni_recREC/PAUSE.

During recording pause, the recording lamp flashes in red and “” begins to flash in the display window.

(An hour after you pause recording, recording pause is automatically released and the IC recorder enters the stop mode.)

To release pause and resume recording

Press souni_recREC/PAUSE again.

Recording resumes from that point. (To stop recording after pausing recording, press souni_stopSTOP.)

To review the current recording instantly

Press .

Recording stops and playback starts from the beginning of the file just recorded.

(You cannot select this function in the manual recording mode.)

To review during recording

Press and hold during recording or recording pause.

Recording stops and you can search backwards while listening to fast playback sound. After you release , playback starts from that point.

(You cannot select this function in the manual recording mode.)


  • You can make new folders or erase unwanted folders using the Sound Organizer software.
  • You can record up to 199 files in each folder.
  • When a memory card has been inserted, you can continue recording a file by changing the location of the folder used to store the file from the built-in memory to the memory card automatically after the built-in memory is full (Cross-memory recording).