IC RecorderICD-SX733/SX734/SX1000

Adding a new segment to a previously recorded file

When “Add/Overwrite” in the menu is set to “Add,” you can add a new segment to the file being played back. The added segment will be placed after the current file, and will be counted as a part of the file.

Select the file to which you want to add a segment first.

A: During playback of file 3

B: After adding a new segment

C: Added segment

  1. In the stop mode, select MENU - the tab - “Add/Overwrite,” and then press .

    The menu items will be different depending on the model you are using.

  2. Press or to select “Add,” and then press .

    Add/Overwrite” is set to “OFF” when you purchase the IC recorder.

  3. Press souni_stopSTOP to exit the menu mode.
  4. When the file to be added is played back press souni_recREC/PAUSE.

    Add REC?” will be displayed.

  5. While “Add REC?” is displayed, press souni_recREC/PAUSE.

    The recording lamp will turn red.

    Then recording starts.

  6. To stop recording, press souni_stopSTOP.


  • You cannot add a segment when the file has reached the maximum size limit (2 GB with LPCM files and 1 GB with MP3 files).
  • You cannot add a segment to an LPCM file or an MP3 file that was not recorded using the IC recorder. Moreover, when you edit files using the Sound Organizer software, adding a segment to the files may not be possible.
  • The recording mode of an additional recording is the same as the added file.
  • If 10 minutes have passed after step 4, you must start the procedure again from step 4.
  • The pre-recording function cannot be used together with this function.
  • You cannot add a new segment while using the synchronized recording function.
  • You cannot add a new segment to a protected file.