Wireless Stereo HeadsetMDR-AS800BT

The BLUETOOTH wireless communication range is short, or the sound skips.

  • Remove any obstacles between the antenna of the BLUETOOTH device to be connected and the built-in antenna of the headset. The antenna of the headset is built into the part shown in the dotted line below.

    A: Location of the built-in antenna

  • BLUETOOTH communications may be disabled, or noise or audio dropout may occur under the following conditions.
    • There is a human body between the headset and the BLUETOOTH device. This situation may be improved by placing the BLUETOOTH device facing the antenna of the headset.
    • There is an obstacle, such as metal or wall, between the headset and the BLUETOOTH device.
    • A device using 2.4 GHz frequency, such as a Wi-Fi device, cordless telephone, or microwave oven, is in use near this headset.