Using the supplied headphone cable

You can use the headset as ordinary wired headphones by connecting a device via the supplied headphone cable and turn the headset on. When the headset is powered on, you can also use the bass effect function.
When turning on the headset, the BASS EFFECT indicator (orange) lights up or flashes.

  1. Connect a playback device to the INPUT jack with the supplied headphone cable.

    Make sure you connect the L-shaped plug to the playback device.


  • Use the supplied headphone cable only.
  • Make sure you insert the plug firmly.
  • The BLUETOOTH function cannot be used.
  • The jog switch (///) and +/- buttons cannot be used. For volume, play/pause and other operations, control with the connected device.
  • The BASS EFFECT button cannot be used when the headset is powered off.


  • When the headset is turned off, you can use it as ordinary headphones. The headset can be charged while in use.
  • When an incoming call arrives, a ring tone will be heard via the headphones. Answer the call using your smartphone or mobile phone, and talk using the microphone of the phone. You can hear the voice of the caller from the headphones.
  • If you disconnect the headphone cable from the smartphone or mobile phone, you can talk using the microphone and speaker of the phone.