Selecting playback methods

You can operate and configure various playback settings, such as shuffle play and repeat play, using the Playback Options menu.

  1. While playing a track, press ENTER.
    The Playback Options menu appears.
  2. Turn the jog dial to select the item you want to set.

Details of menu items

The following menu items can be set from the Playback Options menu.

You can play tracks in random order (shuffle play). You can select a setting from [Off], [Tracks], [Albums], [Folders] (only when you start playing by selecting [Folders] from the Home screen). If you select [Albums] or [Folders], the order in which albums or folders are played will be shuffled, but individual tracks in each album or folder will be played in their original order.
You can play tracks repeatedly (repeat play). You can select a setting from [Off], [1 Track], [All tracks].
You can add to tracks you like. You can also remove or add to track.
You can set the DSEE function to [Auto] or [Off].
Go to album:
You can go directly from the currently playing track to the album to which the track belongs.
Get music info:
The HDD AUDIO PLAYER accesses the Gracenote server to obtain music information on the track currently playing.
Select the desired option from the music information, and then select [Use]. The music information will be registered to the track currently playing.
Edit SensMe™ channels:
You can edit the SensMe™ channels of the currently playing track or restore them to the default.
You can delete the track currently playing.
If you delete a track, playback will be stopped.
You can set the Sleep timer. When the specific time you set has elapsed, the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is automatically turned off.


  • Shuffle mode is set to [Tracks] and repeat mode is set to [All tracks] automatically and you cannot change them while playing a channel. These play modes are only active while the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is playing SensMe™ channels.