Deleting music files from the HDD AUDIO PLAYER (when operating on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER)

You can delete music files from the HDD AUDIO PLAYER by device operations.

  1. Display the Options screen from the list screen or Playback screen.
    • From the list screen:

      Press and hold ENTER while selecting a track, album, or folder you want to delete.

      However, you cannot display the Options screen if you have selected [All Albums].

    • From the Playback screen:

      Press ENTER while playing a track you want to delete.

  2. Select [Delete].
  3. Select [Yes].
    The selected track, album, or folder will be deleted.


  • You can delete pre-installed sample files, but they will be restored if you perform the Factory Reset function.
  • Do not turn the HDD AUDIO PLAYER off during deleting.
  • Do not disconnect the external hard disk drive during deleting.