Changing the assignment and display for the input jacks

You can customize the settings for each input according to your preferences and usage.

Select [Settings] - [Input Settings] from the home menu, then set each item shown below.

Input Mode

You can fix the audio input mode when you connect device to both digital and analog audio input jacks. For details, see “Switching between digital and analog audio (Input Mode).”

Input Edit

You can set whether an input is displayed on the Watch menu or the Listen menu.

  • Watch: Displays an input to the Watch menu.
  • Listen: Displays an input to the Listen menu.
  • Watch+Listen: Displays an input to both the Watch and Listen menus.

Audio Input Assign

You can set the audio input jack(s) assigned to each input. For details, see “Using other video/audio input jacks (Audio Input Assign).”

Name In

You can change the name displayed on the Watch/Listen menu. For details on how to set the name for each input, see “Changing the name for each input (Name In).”