Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

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Regarding copyrights

The items you copied can be enjoyed as an individual; and under the Copyright Act, they cannot be used otherwise without consent from the rights holders.

Battery remaining charge related precautions

This device contains a rechargeable battery. If you copy to a memory device while the battery has a low remaining charge, the battery charge can run out during the copying process, so the copying can fail.

Disclaimer of guarantee of recorded content

Even in any situation, such as if you cannot copy to external media etc due to some cause such as this device’s defects, or if some defect or repair etc causes damage or destruction of copied content in external media, Sony bears absolutely no responsibility of compensating for copied content nor responsibility for any related damages. Also, Sony does not do recovery, restoration, duplication, etc of copied content, in any situation.

Regarding backup of memory device (memory card, USB flash drive, etc)

If the power is cut or the memory device is removed while the memory device is being accessed, then data in the memory device etc can be damaged. To protect data, be sure to make backups.