Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

LED status indications

Memory card access lamp

Blinking (amber)

The memory card is being accessed. Do not eject the memory card.

Wireless LAN indicator lamp

Steadily lit (green)

The wireless LAN on this unit is starting up.

Blinking (green)

The wireless LAN of this unit is enabled.


The power is turned off.

Lit (red and amber alternately)

The system software of the unit is being updated.

Battery indicator lamp

While charging

Steadily lit (amber)

The battery pack of this unit is being charged.

Blinking (amber)

Charging suspended due to a temperature rise of the unit, etc.


The battery pack is fully charged. The battery indicator lamp will also be off if the battery adaptor is incompatible.

During use

Slow blinking (green), 4 seconds interval (lit for 2 seconds and off for 2 seconds)

Battery charge is sufficient (about 60 % or more)

Blinking (green), 2 seconds interval (lit for 1 second and off for 1 second)

Battery charge exists but is approaching low (about 20 % - 60 %)

Fast blinking (red), 1 second interval (lit for 0.5 second and off for 0.5 second)

Battery charge is low and needs recharging (about 20% or less)


The power is turned off, or no battery charge remains.