Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Music playback screen (iOS device)

  1. [Back]

    Tap this to return to the file/folder list screen.

  2. Track title, album title, artist name

  3. Music playback screen

    Flick album art on the screen left/right to play the next/previous track.

  4. Elapsed playback time

  5. (File information)

    Tap this to check the file information. You can also change the file name.

  6. (Copy)

    Tap this to copy the file to another device.

  7. (Delete)

    Tap this to delete the file.

  8. (Playback)/ (Pause)

    During playback, tap this to suspend playback. Tap this again to resume playback.

  9. (Previous)/ (Next)

    During playback, tap (Previous) to jump back to the beginning of the current track or previous track, and tap (Next) to jump to the next track.

    Press and hold (Previous)/ (Next) to rewind/fast forward the track.

  10. Progress bar

    Drag this to the position you want the track to continue playing from.

  11. Playback time


  • Depending on the usage environment, playback may take time to start or be problematic. This is not a malfunction.
  • Copyright-protected tracks cannot be played back.