Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Document display screen (iOS device)

  1. [Back]

    Tap this to return to the file/folder list screen.

  2. Display screen

    If you double-tap the screen, the document will be enlarged. To return to the original size, double-tap the screen again. You can also pinch out/pinch in to enlarge/reduce a document.

    Pages can be flipped backward and forward by flicking the screen.

  3. File name

  4. (File information)

    Tap this to check the file information.

  5. (Copy)

    Tap this to copy the file to another device.

  6. (Delete)

    Tap this to delete the file.


  • Depending on the usage environment, display may take time, or may be problematic. This is not a malfunction.