Personal Audio SystemSRS-X7

Connection method 4: Connecting to a wired network

This section describes how to connect the speaker to a wireless router with a LAN cable (not supplied), then connect the router to the computer.

Usually, the DHCP setting is set to ON when you connect your computer to the network.

Set the DHCP setting of your computer to ON in advance.

Check the following before starting the operation.

  • Set the NETWORK OFF/ON switch on the rear to ON.
  1. Check whether your computer and wireless router are turned on.
  2. Connect the wireless router to the LAN port with a LAN cable (not supplied).
  3. Connect the wireless router to your computer using another LAN cable (not supplied), or Wi-Fi connection.

  4. Turn the speaker on.

    The (on/standby) indicator lights up in green, then the LINK indicator begins to flash in orange.

    When the connection is completed, the LINK indicator changes from flashing to staying lit in orange.