Personal Audio SystemSRS-X77

Selecting the BLUETOOTH audio streaming playback quality (Codec)

The “Priority on sound quality” and “Priority on stable connection” modes are available as options for selecting the playback quality of BLUETOOTH audio streaming. “Priority on sound quality” enables you to playback with a setting of, not only SBC, but also AAC and LDAC, so that you can enjoy high-quality sound via BLUETOOTH. “Priority on stable connection” provides you with a more stable BLUETOOTH audio streaming. “Priority on sound quality” is the default setting.

Playback quality

  • Priority on sound quality (default setting): Optimal codec is automatically selected from AAC, LDAC, and SBC.
  • Priority on stable connection: SBC is selected.
  1. With the speaker turned on, press and hold the (on/standby) button until the (on/standby) indicator lights up in orange.

    The speaker turns off and enters the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode.

  2. Press and hold the VOL (volume) + button and (on/standby) button at the same time, until the (BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes in white.

    When the setting is changed to "Priority on sound quality" mode, the (BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes 3 times.

    When the setting is changed to "Priority on stable connection" mode, the (BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes 2 times.

    The playback quality is switched, and the speaker turns on.


  • You can switch the playback quality by using SongPal. "Priority on sound quality" appears as [Auto] and "Priority on stable connection" appears as [SBC] when setting with SongPal.


  • Communication may become unstable in the "Priority on sound quality" mode, depending on the setting of your BLUETOOTH device and the ambient conditions. In this case, reset the speaker to the "Priority on stable connection" mode by performing steps 1 and 2 above.
  • When the playback quality setting is changed by using Songpal while the speaker is turned on, the BLUETOOTH connection is terminated. In this case, connect the BLUETOOTH device manually again. After reconnecting, the playback quality is switched.
  • You may also need to adjust the settings of the connected device to change the playback quality setting, such as SBC, AAC, LDAC. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the device.