Personal Audio SystemSRS-X77

How to use the SongPal screen

SongPal is a application for controlling Sony audio devices which are compatible with SongPal, by your smartphone/iPhone. Search for SongPal at Google Play or the App store and download with your smartphone/iPhone.

After downloading SongPal on to your smartphone or iPhone, [SongPal] will be displayed on the screen.

For details about SongPal, refer to the following URL:

The specification and design of the application may change without notice.

To start up SongPal on your smartphone/iPhone

Tap [SongPal] on your smartphone/iPhone.


Make sure you are connected to a network the first time you start SongPal with your smartphone/iPhone.

The overview of the devices on the home network is displayed.

You can select the audio device to play or group the audio devices using SongPal Link (multi-room function).

You can select sound sources for playback. Also, you can make various sound/network settings of an audio device.


  • The screens above are the display examples. The actual display may differ.
  • What you can control with SongPal varies depending on the connected device.