Personal Audio SystemSRS-X77

Distorted sound/Humming or noise in the speaker output

  • Turn down the volume of the connected device. Adjust the volume of the connected device since sound volume level may differ depending on a playback file.
  • If the connected device has an equalizer function, set it to off.
  • Keep the speaker away from microwave ovens or other wireless devices such as TVs or radios with Wi-Fi function.
  • Charge the speaker by connecting the AC adaptor if the CHARGE indicator is flashing.
  • If you connect a device with a built-in radio or tuner to the speaker, broadcasts may not be received, or sensitivity may be reduced. Locate the speaker farther away from the device and check that you can listen to broadcasts satisfactorily.
  • Move the speaker away from sources of noise.
  • Connect the speaker to a different wall outlet.
  • Use a commercially-available AC power extension cord with a noise filter.
  • Keep the speaker away from metal objects.