Information about using a USB HDD device for recording (USB HDD recording models only)

USB HDD recording models have [Recording device setup] in [Settings] — [Watching TV].

  • The USB HDD device must be used exclusively for recording. Use a separate USB HDD device for viewing photos and videos.
  • This function is only available on some models in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Only USB HDDs larger than 32 GB are supported.
  • Connection of a USB HDD device via a USB hub is not supported. Connect the device directly to the TV.
  • Any data stored in the USB HDD device will be erased when it is formatted during the registration process. The USB HDD device cannot be used with a PC once it has been registered to the TV. To enable use of the USB HDD device on a PC, format it on the PC. (Note that any data in the USB HDD device will be erased.)
  • A maximum of 8 USB HDD devices can be registered.
  • Only this TV will be able to play the data recorded on the USB HDD that has been registered to this TV.
  • Recording is supported only for digital TV and radio broadcasts. Recording of data broadcasts is not supported.
  • Scrambled/encrypted signals cannot be recorded.
  • Recording cannot be performed in the following cases:
    • The TV cannot recognise the registered USB HDD device.
    • More than 1,000 programmes are recorded on the USB HDD device.
    • The USB HDD device is full.
  • Automatic selection of the programme may not be possible while it is being recorded.
  • Recording a programme is not possible unless its recording has been authorised.
  • If the TV is subjected to impact during USB HDD recording, noise may occur in the recorded content.
  • In no event shall Sony be liable for recording failure or any damage or loss of recorded content caused or associated with the TV’s malfunction, signal interference, or any other problem.