Displaying the screen of a smartphone/tablet on the TV using the Screen mirroring function

You can display the screen of a mobile device on the TV to view photos, videos or websites.

The “Screen mirroring” feature uses Miracast technology to display the screen of a compatible device on the TV. A wireless router is not necessary to use this function.

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  1. Smartphone
  2. Tablet
  3. Computer
  1. Press the (Input select) button, then select [Screen mirroring].
  2. Operate your Screen mirroring compatible device to connect to the TV.
    When the device is connected to the TV, the screen displayed on the device will also be displayed on the TV.
    For details, refer to the instruction manual of your device.


  • While the standby screen for the Screen mirroring is displayed, the wireless connection between the TV and your wireless router is disconnected, therefore communication via the Internet is stopped.