Adjusting the picture quality

You can configure various settings related to the TV display such as color and brightness for picture quality, or screen size.


  • The actual display may vary or some settings may not be available depending on your model/country/region and the content you are watching.

Press the HOME button, then select [Settings] — [Display & Sound] — the desired option.

You can change the following settings.


Adjust the picture settings such as Brightness, Color, and Hue.

Picture mode
Change the picture quality according to the content you are watching such as movies or sports.
For details, refer to Picture” advanced settings.
Auto picture mode
Automatically selects the picture mode based on the content being viewed.
Adjust the backlight to display the brightest whites and deepest blacks.
Adjust the color saturation level.
Light sensor
Optimizes brightness according to ambient light.
Advanced settings
Access advanced picture enhancing options.
For more details, refer to Picture” advanced settings.


  • You can also display [Picture] by pressing ACTION MENU while watching TV.


Adjust the aspect ratio and viewable screen area.

Wide mode
Adjust the picture size.
Auto wide
Automatically adjusts wide mode based on the signal.
4:3 default
Automatic sizing for 4:3 pictures.
Auto display area
Automatically adjusts the viewable screen area based on the signal.
Display area
Adjust the viewable screen area.
Screen position
Adjust the vertical and horizontal screen position.