Sound” advanced settings

This page introduces various settings for the features you can configure in [Sound].


  • The actual display may vary or some settings may not be available depending on your model/country/region, TV settings, and the connected device.

[Sound mode] settings

StandardOptimize sound quality for general content.
DialogSuitable for spoken dialog.
CinemaOptimize surround sound suitable for movies.
MusicLets you experience dynamic and clear sound, like that of a concert.
SportsSimulates the larger space of a stadium or other venue.

[Sound customization]

SurroundVirtually reproduce realistic surround sound.
Surround effectAdjust the surround sound effect.
Sound restoration (DSEE)Reproduces natural spatial sound by restoring high frequencies and small sound often lost during digital compression.
EqualizerAdjust sound based on different frequencies.
Voice ZoomEmphasize voice.
NightClear sound at a low volume level.

[Volume level]

Volume offsetAdjust the sound level of the current input relative to other inputs.
Dolby Dynamic RangeCompensates for audio level difference between channels (only for Dolby Digital audio).
MPEG audio levelAdjusts MPEG audio sound level.
HE‑AAC Dynamic RangeCompensates for audio level difference between channels (only for HE‑AAC audio).
HE‑AAC audio levelAdjusts HE‑AAC audio sound level.