Software updates

Sony will provide software updates from time to time in order to enhance functionality and provide users with the latest TV experience. The easiest way to receive software updates is via an internet connection to the TV.

To check for software updates automatically

  1. Press the HOME button, select [Apps] from the Home Menu, and select [Help] from the apps list.
    If the supplied remote control has a HELP button, press the HELP button.
  2. Select [Status & Diagnostics]. Enable [Automatically check for update] in [Status & Diagnostics] — [System software update].


  • To update the software manually, select [Software update].
  • You can check the BRAVIA notifications or support website for a list of changes made by the software update.


  • When [Automatically check for update] is disabled, the TV cannot receive notifications even when a software update is available.

Updating software via USB storage device

If you do not have a network connection, you can also update the software by using a USB storage device. Use your computer to download the latest software from the Sony support website onto a USB storage device. Insert the USB storage device to a USB port on the TV and the software update will start automatically.

If you will update the TV software by using a USB storage device, you should read the cautions for update by USB storage device on the website.

For more about the support site, please see the Support Site page.