Help Guide

Type 1: Secured network with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS)

The WPS standard makes security of a wireless home network as straightforward as pressing the WPS button on the wireless LAN router. Before setting up a wireless LAN, check the location of the WPS button on the router and verify how to use it.

For security purpose, [WPS (PIN)] provides a password for your router. Password is renewed every time you select [WPS (PIN)].

  1. Press HOME Select [Preferences] [Setup] [Network] [Network Setup].
  2. IP Address setting/Proxy server:
    • automatic setting:
      [Set up network connection] [Easy]
    • manual setting:
      [Set up network connection] [Expert] [Wired Setup] or [Wireless Setup]
  3. Select [WPS (Push Button)] for Push Button method or [WPS (PIN)] for PIN method.
    • Button name of the WPS may differ depending on the router (e.g. AOSS button).
  4. Follow the instructions on the setup screen.
  • If you use WPS for network setup, the security settings of the wireless LAN router activate, and any equipment previously connected to the wireless LAN in a non-secure status will be disconnected from the network.
    In this case, activate the security settings of the disconnected equipment and then reconnect. Or, you can deactivate the security settings of the wireless LAN router, and then connect the equipment to a TV in a non-secure status.
  • To use the network with IPv6, select [Preferences] [Setup] [Network] [IPv6/IPv4 Priority] [IPv6], then select [Easy] in [Set up network connection].
  • When IPv6 is selected, HTTP Proxy cannot be set.