Help Guide

Type 3: Unsecured network with any type of wireless LAN router

To set up a wireless LAN, SSID (wireless network name) will be required.

  1. Press HOME Select [Preferences] [Setup] [Network] [Network Setup].
  2. IP Address setting/Proxy server:
    • automatic setting:
      [Set up network connection] [Easy]
    • manual setting:
      [Set up network connection] [Expert] [Wired Setup] or [Wireless Setup]
  3. Select [Scan], then select a network from the list of scanned wireless networks.
  4. Follow the instructions on the setup screen.
  • Security key (WEP or WPA key) will not be required because you do not need to select any security method in this procedure.
  • To use the network with IPv6, select [Preferences] [Setup] [Network] [IPv6/IPv4 Priority] [IPv6], then select [Easy] in [Set up network connection].
  • When IPv6 is selected, HTTP Proxy cannot be set.